Over the weekend I was traveling around going from little league game to little league game. Fun in the sun is what summer time is all about and catching a baseball game just adds to the fun. Well this past weekend the fun increased as I had the chance to see something that rarely happens.

Home runs are hit and it's exciting to see the kids get pumped up and excited. I never had the chance to hit a ball over the fence during my little league years and that was mostly because I weighed about 40lbs. soaking wet. Well this weekend myself and The Brad were standing right next to a vehicle that took a hit directly in the center of the front windshield, it gets better. The lady that owned the car was actually sitting in the front seat when it happened and she was not happy.

My thoughts... the sign says park with caution!!

This was the highlight of my weekend because I've seen close calls but never an actual direct hit and to that little leaguer who hit the home run, I thank you.

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