There are a few landmarks around us that might require a little extra explanation to those from out of town, and sometimes even catch locals off guard. Here are a few of my favorites.

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    Connell National Forrest

    I've never thought of Connell as being particularly woodsy...but apparently it is the home of a one-tree "National Forest"!

    Photo by Carol Lindner, courtesy of Mid-Columbia Libraries
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    Richland Fingernail

    Seems pretty standard to us, but it may seem a little strange to people from out of town..a stage shaped like a fingernail?! Here's the history behind how it came to be on KNDU.

    Maegan Murray, TSM
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    Yakima: Palm Springs of Washington

    Everyone chuckles when they drive past the Palm Springs of Washington sign, no matter how many times you've seen it. If you ever get Palm Springs and Yakima mixed up, here's a quiz to see if you can decipher the two.

    Google Maps
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    Flashcube Building

    On Clearwater Avenue, the giant structure nicknamed the "Flashcube Building" always gets a double take from people coming from out of town. It doesn't really look like any other building in the Tri Cities -- definitely a local landmark!