I promise these aren't hot takes about Tri-Cities as much as me putting my feelers out there to see if I'm not alone in this line of thinking. Tri-Cities is my home and has been for the last twenty years. I go in circles sometimes trying to identify with its culture and see what I can latch to.

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I've realized that I harbor a few opinions that may put me at odds with some of my neighbors, but fortunately these are trivial matters. I should probably keep them to myself but I'm going full send.

Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash
Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

I don't like wine.

I've probably mentioned this once or maybe two hundred times over the years but I am just not into wine. I couldn't tell you the difference between a chardonnay or a merlot. What is that, red or white? I'm not bashing on it, however. I'm just stating that this may be the biggest part of the local culture and I just don't care.

The "mountains" are kinda ugly.

Badger Mountain, Rattlesnake Mountain, they're all meh. I've hiked Badger before and the "views" or whatever just aren't enough of a payoff to make the pain of the more difficult trail worth it.

The rivers don't make Tri-Cities unique.

What if I told you that numerous towns and cities across the country and the world have rivers running through them? Naming every new subdivision "River This" or "River That" is lazy and uncreative.

I've never been to the boat races sober.

This one doesn't sound all that controversial but let me clarify. I love the Tri-City Waterfollies as an event. I am, however, not an avid fan of the sport that is hydroplane racing. I respect the sport and its drivers. I do not understand it nor will I try to understand it. I love being drunk in the water listening to the turbine engines of the watercraft, but I'm really just waiting for the air show.

Spokane is prettier.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Do I really need to elaborate? Come on.

We don't need more chains or box stores.

You will often hear people talking about a desire for more chain restaurants, chain fast food stores, Whole Foods or other grocers, and big box stores. My only question is "Why?" Tri-Cities residents say they value local business, need more local business, then clog traffic for five blocks at the brand new fast food joint. We need more mom & pop operations and less corporate branches.

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