"Welcome to Richland: Where White Leaders Say There Is No Racism." That's the verbatim title of a blunt article that made me bristle at first. Blatant race baiting. But, okay, we'll see what the author is all about.

I read the article, it made me think about the instances and points made in the piece. And after further review, I just ain't buying it.

Bottom line, you don't get your way you start with the agitation? Let's give the pot a good stir, and see what we can come up, shall we?

I've lived here a long time. Of course there are pieces-of-work lacking in tolerance in the cities. There are those types no matter where you go. It's just that I've seen so many helpful people come through for others regardless of race, creed or status in our area time and time and time again. Why can't our cities choose not to follow the pack of cities showcased in the piece? If an official declaration is not deemed prudent by city leaders at this time, and you disagree with that, vote that person out. It's that simple. When the overwhelming majority of people in Richland are white, of course that will be the make-up of the city council. Change? Run to make a difference. Sitting on the sidelines and complaining because you don't get your way makes matters worse. Take action. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

There are bigger issues here, like the $20 car tab fee for Richland residents that was unanimously passed by the city council. That is a different examination for a different time. But it seems to be a much more pressing issue. Let's move on. Your input is always welcome here and on Facebook.


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