After going almost a year without a K9 officer on the force, the Pasco Police Department welcomed its newest member today thanks to a $25,000 grant from HAPO Credit Union.

K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 is a two-year old German Shepherd from Southern California. K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 replaces K9 Officer HAPO who died of natural causes in 2020.

The Pasco Police Department was able to purchase K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 and train its newest officer to join the ranks thanks to an amazing $25,000 pledge from HAPO Credit Union.

K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 will be also on call for other law enforcement agencies across the Columbia Basin including, for instance, if assistance was needed for the Walla Walla Police Department, Pasco PD now has the K9 ability to respond and support.

A spokeswoman for HAPO Credit Union said they will continue to support the Pasco K9 program as they know how vital a K9 component is in helping to keep the community safe.

The Pasco Police Department is grateful and honored to receive the donation from HAPO Credit Union.

The woofer has actually been on active duty since November of last year, sniffing out and pouncing on suspected peeps if they run afoul of the law. An official pomp-and-circumstance type of celebration has been out of the question due to COVID-19 restrictions until recently, when the decision was made that the time was right to introduce K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 to Pasco.

The K9s play vital roles in police work. If warranted, taking down suspects with less use of force is a huge benefit to go along with their very special set of skills in tracking and helping to fight crime. Pasco Police Officer Jason Griffin is K9 Officer HAPO 2.0’s handler.

Take a look at K9 Officer HAPO 2.0 here.

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