The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is supposed to be a big, great honor. It celebrates legacy, influence, sales, and great things artists bring to culture.

The problem is, like the Grammy Awards, it's a slap in the face to rock music.

Janet Jackson is in. Dumb, dumb, dumb. If it were the Music in General Hall of Fame, she's a shoo-in in my opinion. 100 million albums sold? Wowza. She's the second best-selling dance club artist after Madonna. That's great. Iconic. Influential. Not rock and roll.

Let's see who's NOT in the "Rock" hall:

  • Soundgarden
  • Tool
  • Judas Priest
  • Alice in Chains
  • Nine Inch Nails

KISS didn't make it until 2014. Really? KISS? They made rock and roll a brandable cash cow.

Let's take a look at some questionable entries into the "Rock" hall:

  • Tupac
  • N.W.A.
  • Michael Jackson (to be fair, Slash killed on some of his biggest songs.)
  • ABBA
  • James Taylor
  • Dusty Springfield

Look, I listen to pretty much all of these artists. But really? REALLY? It's just insulting.

If you're gonna have a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shouldn't it be exclusive for rock and roll?

I'd be fine with an all-encompassing Music Hall of Fame.

This is just stupid.

Maybe Rob Halford should drop his package out during the Super Bowl.

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