April Fool’s Day comes around every year on the same day -- I mean, if you’re getting fooled the same day every year on the same date over and over, what gives? Every year it’s the same: you wake up, go about your business and sooner or later someone tells you a lie, or at least some crazy story, in the hopes you’ll get all riled up and agitated. It’s lame, it’s played out, and it’s not really all that funny anymore unless you’re in junior high school. That’s why we at Loudwire Nights are giving the middle finger to this whack ass “holiday” and re-branding it: APRIL TOOL’S DAY.

On tonight’s show we'll be giving you a double dose of the mighty Tool at the top of each hour.

Why Tool you ask?

Well, beyond the fact that their music ROCKS, I'm hard pressed to think of another band who has achieved such legendary status and a loyal rabid fan base having only released four studio albums (and an EP) over the course of their almost 25 year career. Also, there aren’t many other artists out there who can take their music in such a deep, heavy, progressive, and experimental direction and have 10+ minute songs that absolutely DEMAND your complete attention.

They’ve maintained a consistent vibe across their discography and at this point one can briefly look at the art in their liner notes or any of their videos and immediately know who it is: TOOL.

So tune in tonight at 7p as we celebrate April Tool's Day on Loudwire Nights!

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