A West Richland woman's husband was being taken to jail in a police cruiser on a DUI charge so she decided to follow to lockup, and then got locked up herself.

First the husband. He's a 32-year old man who was eventually arrested after law enforcement first saw him off Keene Road driving near a construction site area that was closed. When contacted by the police the man disclosed he'd downed about three or four drinks in the past hour before he was pulled over.

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Now the wife. About an hour later, the man's 31-year old spouse came to the West Richland Police Department's headquarters where she was promptly arrested in the parking lot on her own DUI charge.

The woman, who smelled of intoxicants, told the police with slightly slurred speech, that she couldn't possibly be under arrest as it was her husband who was driving and was locked up and she wasn't even behind the wheel.

When the woman was reminded she was the one who drove herself to the police station in the here and now, she paused, and said, "Oh." I believe her next move was to put her hands behind her back.

The woman, pregnant and reportedly an employee of the Pasco School District, said she had consumed about three drinks and was also on some medication because she was 'having a bad week.'

Both have subsequently been released from the Benton County Jail. In a statement from the West Richland Police Department, “It isn’t wise to jump in a car and chase the police who just arrested your husband for DUI, when you have also been drinking alcohol."

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