Recent events have got me thinking about whether people use their guns too quickly.
Below is a viral video. If the person who took this video felt like their life was in danger, would they be justified in shooting the person?

You and I probably agree no. But do you know people who would say yes? I do.

That's why I think people should be required to try multiple tactics to diffuse a situation before they are justified in using a gun.

A parallel is driving. Cars are dangerous. I can safely drive at 100 mph on the freeway. I guarantee I would never cause an accident. Maybe you, too. But because there are drivers out there who cannot drive 100 mph safely, NOBODY is allowed to drive 100 mph. Officials have decided EVERYONE must stay under 65-75 mph.

If we agree that everyone should have the right to own a gun, is it unreasonable to expect laws about when that gun can be used for self defense that may infringe on someone's right to defend themselves? Just as 65 mph limits infringe on my right to travel?

For example, the law could require people to attempt multiple tactics of diffusing a situation before they are allowed to pull a trigger. Here are some I've been thinking about that I think may have prevented recent tragedies.