I have collected some crazy things over the years. A lot of musical stuff. Some things have been destroyed by others or by flooding, and I'm sad about that.

But the things I that I have left now, I keep up high, out of reach of other people, and out of reach from any water that could destroy them.

I most recently went through my storage and found a bunch of stuff that didn't get destroyed by humans or by water. I now keep that stuff on my wall or on my entertainment center.

I realize that I have one thing that probably nobody else has and that is a Janis Joplin doll. I don't think I've ever seen another one.

I am so glad I kept that thing safe. It isn't worth any money, but she is one of my favorite singers. Sure, she was a druggie -- but she was still an amazing singer.

I had a Stevie Nicks doll too, but unfortunately that one got destroyed. What do you have that you're sure no one else does? Tell us in the comments below.

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