They've become one of the most well known rock bands of the last couple decades, but what exactly is a 'Foo Fighter'?

If you simply Google search 'Foo Fighter' you can see the simple definition of the term came during the 1930's and WWII for an unidentified flying object, UFO. That was always the basic definition I had heard, but today I saw a picture on Instagram that shed some light on a pop culture reference for the term 'Foo Fighter'.

Define Foo Fighter
Smokey Stover: The Foolish Foo Fighter

According to the Bill Holman website:

"...fireman Smokey Stover and his zany boss Chief Cash U Nutt drove to fires in their two-wheel fire truck known as the Foo Mobile. What’s Foo? [Bill Holman] found this word engraved on the bottom of a jade statue in San Francisco’s China town. The word Foo means Good-Luck."


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