I'm guessing there's a LOT of stuff you've done that your parents don't know about. Or not. Probably just me. I'm the guy growing up who would take slugs of hard licks out of booze bottles in the liquor cabinet (who has a liquor cabinet anymore?) and then replace what I drank with tap water. I was sure my parents never knew. Of course they did.

A fascinating Reddit thread encouraged people to reveal secrets they've kept from their parents. Some of the subject matter is innocuous, but other entries were both quite serious and compelling. And you can always count on Reddit nation to be thoroughly entertaining.

Some of the better revelations:

  1. "I make more money than I let on . . . so they can't take advantage of me."
  2. "I recorded a movie over my sister's high school graduation video."
  3. "I am fully aware of my father's extramarital affairs."
  4. "My mom doesn't know I've been arrested twice . . . one time with my dad."
  5. "When I was 14, I overheard my mom yelling at my dad about some porn searches on the computer.  It was really me . . . he kept denying it and she kept calling him a liar.  He slept in the guest bedroom for a month."

My conscience would kill me on number five, there's no way I could be racked with guilt for as long as a month while pops couch surfed.

Anything you'd like to fess up about?

We won't tell...

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