If a sizeable earthquake hit Seattle a lot of old buildings would fall... yeah, yeah, you already knew that. But what's UNDERNEATH Seattle is what you should really be afraid of!

During the Ice Age Seattle was under 3,000 feet of ice! That's three times the height of downtown's tallest building. As the glacier scraped its way downward it deposited small-grained, loose sand over the region. During an earthquake, loose earth and sand turns to liquid (gelatinous at best) swallowing entire buildings and boulders. During a giant earthquake near Missouri during the early 1800s entire islands and hills dissolved and slipped away into the Mississippi River!

What's even worse is the neighborhood where CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field are located used to be marshy so builders moved loose dirt from elsewhere and dumped it there!
The stadium architects knew that and drilled down to bedrock, but none of the other buildings or freeways are so lucky.

That means CenturyLink Field may be the safest place to be during an earthquake! Go Seahawks!