And just like that, after 87 years in the NFL as the Redskins, the Washington D.C. football franchise is yielding to years of pressure to change their name and retire the Redskins handle once and for all. And they finally did. Sort of.

The speculation as to why there hasn't been a new name announced centers around copyrights, trademarks and patents held by some, individuals and others, who long ago foresaw this day coming and were proactive enough to snatch up a bunch of the potential names. It's more complicated than that, but when you're completely overhauling everything in your organization, it had better be all in place when you launch.

Vegas bookies are placing odds on names like RedWolves, RedTails, Generals, Presidents, Lincolns, Veterans and Warriors. The leading candidate so far: RedWolves

If Dan Snyder and Ron Rivera choose RedWolves (3-2 odds), you can keep the color scheme and easily transition to new lyrics in your fight song, "Hail to The RedWolves!"

A red wolf is a canine with a reddish tawny color to its fur, endangered, and indigenous to the Southeastern United States.

If I got to vote, I'd would definitely choose
Red Tails. That one is the next most likely (3-1 odds), which would honor the Tuskegee Airmen, the first unit of Black pilots to fly combat planes in World War II. They also were known as the Red Tails, for the distinctive coloring of the backs of their planes.

Got any better ideas? The Seattle Seahawks travel to Washington D.C. to play the Washington Whatever-They-Chooses in Week 15.

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