24 out of 50 states require public schools to teach some form of sex ed. Even Washington D.C. does! The other Washingon is mulling over the idea of joining the other 24 states.

In Washington state alone, STDs make up 72% of notifiable diseases and conditions.

If Washington were to adopt some form of mandatory sex ed, what should be taught?

Like it or not, teens will be teens. They'll have sex. They'll most definitely-probably-absolutely be having sex by the time they're college-aged.

I think you have to look at the trends and teach accordingly. For instance, anilingus has become such a huge part of our pop counter-culture. Memes/songs/comedy all reference it. So why not educate in ways that will help prevent some complications like e. Coli and pink eye?

I think men underestimate just how complicated a woman's body is. One slight misstep and UTI>kidney infection>ER visit.

Porn certainly inspires men and women to try new things, but it doesn't show you the safety precautions that go into your favorite kinky scene. It's not supposed to. That should be what sex ed is for.

So what should sex ed teach? What do you want to see being taught? What would have benefited you as a teen?

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