I've been out of school for six years. I went to CBC for Running Start and after I had my credits to graduate, I didn't re-enroll.

Ryan McVay

I'm starting to miss flexing my brain. I love learning. I watch a lot of documentaries, primarily American history, sociology pieces, and nature.

When I watch stand-up, I love being taught something. (It happens! Comedians present stats and figures from time-to-time.)

If you were able, what would you study in school?

For me, it would be American History. I'm fascinated with American icons like Abraham Lincoln, the Kennedy family, & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last week, I watched a combined 8 hours of documentaries on Robert and John F. Kennedy. I'm just enamored with history.

Would you study foreign cultures, sciences, literature?

Tell us!

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