You're driving out through Finley. You roll your window down a bit to take in some fresh air. Then, you notice a smell. What is that smell? Vaguely familiar, kinda funky, oh yeah, it's pot! Finley residents have noticed that the smell from the harvest of marijuana got incredibly thick the first three weeks of October, and some are NOT happy about it.

It's been reported that there's a movement to ban marijuana retail sales in Finley similar to those who wanted to ban a new pot store going to West Richland. It was said that the smell was so bad that kids had to stay home from school!

This all got me thinking about smells. I mean, if there is a stench from a paper factory or field with cows, do we ban paper or beef? Is a smell really a reason to ban something?

What do you think? Should Finley ban marijuana grows and retail sales?

Maybe just make the grows have to be further from town, or in green houses where the smell will me more contained? Take the poll and share what you think!

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