If you have spent any time out on the river in the Tri-Cities you have probably seen this boat. I know it made me wonder how it got there and I think I now have the answer. On the Facebook forum "You Know Your From Tricities...when", people started talking about what it is. There are a lot of crazy theories but a few seem legit and collaborate eachother.

It seems the big huge concrete pyramid was originally used to attached cables to block off the river during the Manhattan project. It was around the 1940's that someone put an old boat on top of the structure for fun. They talked about three different boats that they could remember. The first was an old wooden boat, the second was made of metal. The first boat was replaced because it disintegrated and the second was robbed for sheet metal. the current boat is made of cheap fiberglass and probably will be there for a while.

I couldn't find the exact spot but we think it is on one of the islands around Hanford in this picture. I think I found it with google maps but you tell me if thats the secret location.