So if you're anyone who's anyone, you've probably heard about this new fad going around called Vine. It started as a Twitter app and has exploded on the web, including spawning several Facebook pages and YouTube channels dedicated to the 6 second videos. Wait, what? Only 6 seconds? That's right, a Vine is a 6 second looping video with the sole purpose of making a brief but entertaining point. Well, the point-making part is debatable but some of them sure are funny. It is currently only for Android and iOS but Twitter is currently trying to bring it to other platforms soon.

For any of you who are still confused here's a perfect How To Vine Video:


In the meantime though, Here is where you can check out some of the best Vine videos on the net:

The Best of Vine on Facebook

Best Vines on Twitter

Funny Vines on YouTube

And their Twitter counterpart @VineLoop





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