So this past weekend the wife and myself along with friends CT, JT, Tim, Tammy and Dan Julio all decided to tie one on in celebration of... well, we were in Seattle that's why. After a great night of laughs and some great one-liners we woke up to blue skies and warm weather which is a rarity in the Seattle area.

After leaving the greatest place to cure a hangover, Biscuit Bitch where we enjoyed, yeah you guessed it biscuits BITCH, we walked past Pike's Place Market. Seeing the masses roll through the market got me thinking that there's actually quite a bit to do there and I want to know what's your favorite part of Pike's Place Market? Is it the throwing fish, the fresh flowers, the food or the live music.

Take the survey below and let me know so the next time I visit I'll have something new to check out.