This is a photograph from the East Benton County Historical Society. They aren’t sure when it was taken, or from what angle, but they know the baseball field is Sanders Baseball Field in Kennewick that was later renamed the Sanders-Jacob Field in 1970. It closed in 1974. The road running through the middle of the photograph is Clearwater Avenue. Where Clearwater intersects with another road, which they believe is Highway 395, you’ll see Hi-Land Drive-In in the lower right corner. What more can you tell us about this photograph? Can you name any of the other businesses? Do you know if this is looking east or west? Can you guess what year it was taken based on what’s there, or not there? You have to be a VIP member to participate in the survey below. If you’re not a member, you can become one here. Or you can wait for this article to appear on our Facebook page and leave a comment there. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Tell us what you know about this picture.