Like all great empires, America will one day be only a memory (may God grant us many more centuries). When that day eventually comes, what would you like the history books to say about our first 250 years?

Here are the results from an international survey:

The Moon Landing -- one of the greatest advances mankind has ever achieved.
Neil Armstrong, Getty Images Hulton Archive
The KFC Double Down
Michael Saechang
  • The Internet
  • Computer chips
  • The assembly line
  • Hulton Archive, Getty Images
      • Yellowstone and having invented the National Parks idea
      • The nuclear age
      • Street lights
      • Deep-fried butter
      • Flight
      • The NFL
    Elsa, Getty Images
      • The Constitution
      • Tex-Mex food
    Nikolay Trubnikov
      • Rock-and-Roll
      • Hip Hop
      • Hollywood
      • McDonald's
      • The automobile lifestyle
      • Jazz music
    Express, Hulton Archive
    • Cheeseburgers, American pizza, hot dogs and Philly cheese steak sandwiches