Tomorrow is Halloween, and millions of American kids will hit the streets in their  costumes to knock on doors and load up on free candy. It's a fun tradition that I loved when I was a kid, but at some point I got to old for it. Not because I didn't want to go, but because it was weird for a 23-year-old to Trick-Or-Treat! Okay, yes I stopped long before 23, but I can't remember at what age I stopped. I asked a few friends with kids at what age they thought their kids should stop, and the answers varied a LOT!

Some thought once kids were in middle school or junior high they should stop, some said high school kids were still okay, and others said NEVER! So, I'm putting it to the masses. How old is TOO old to trick-or-treat? Take the poll and see if others agree. Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!



At what age should we stop Trick-Or-Treating?

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