Pardon the riff off the lead tune of U2's "The Joshua Tree" album, however it seems quite appropriate for Kennewick's Bob Olson Parkway. In fact the whole photo gallery at the end will have fun with the dudes from Dublin.

The Bob Olson Parkway (BOP) is starting to grow up, it is almost three years old, but it's kind of funny, from the ol' "what came first" file, the chicken or the egg.

Development is sparse, at best, in the middle of the BOP, but things are starting to pop up near each end of the thoroughfare.

The road work is great, five lanes total, with curbs, sidewalks, streetlights, and more. This newer route is especially important because it provides more connectivity between Highway 395 and State Route 240.

My daughter and I came across it (BOP) out of the blue searching for Christmas light displays in 2017. I found it funny then, like I do now, all the signage is in place for roads that don't exist. Hey, you big mound of dirt, STOP sign dude, take heed, don't get any funny ideas.

Don't think of it as what you're not seeing, think of the potential?

While out shooting photographs of intersections that don't exist, I caught many a cyclist using the well marked bike lanes on the BOP to get their pedal on, but the best show was a crotch rocket, definitely not obeying the posted 45mph speed limit, asking his precision motorcycle to perform through several curvy, "S" type turns with his machine responding with a high pitched whine. I had sweaty palms just watching the guy attack the road.


Where The Names Have No Street

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