The whole world will be watching later this month when the Olympics get underway. Sure, these world-class athletes are amazing, but it’s not what they do with their bodies that is so amazing.

It may be the bodies themselves.

The Olympics are the best way to check out some of the most athletic and beautiful women in the world. It’s hard not to develop small crushes on some of the females participating in the events. Same goes for the women watching the men.

So of the many different Olympic events taking place, which one has the most attractive female competitors? Swimming is full of women who could out swim a shark, and knock you out with their bikini bodies. Beach volleyball also showcases women’s athleticism, while they wear little clothing.

Many other female athletes have embraced their sexuality, while still being dominant in their sports. The USA women’s soccer team has two women who have been featured in swimsuit magazines — Hope Solo and Alex Morgan. Gymnasts are especially graceful, yet they can also tie you into a pretzel. Lets not forget the women of track & field who like to wear very short shorts and sports bras. Now let your imagination run wild.