Since the Tri Cities doesn't have its own zoo we have to drive 4 hours to go to one of three, all about the same distance apart. If you're gonna drive for four hours, you might want to figure out which one is the best. We went out and looked at all the reviews and here's the basic rundown:

They all rank as 4 stars, and have no overall problems.





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    Oregon Zoo

    Reviews seems to say that it's very clean and the park is well kept, and that it's a good size. Not too small, but not so big that you can't see all the animals in a day. There have been some concerns about how the park treats animals, and it can be a little crowded. If you don't want to wait in line all day, buy tickets online at home, and don't go on the train ride.

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    Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

    The entire place is really clean, and the animals are happy and well taken care of. There are experts answering questions at pretty much every exhibit, and all the animals are typically out and about. People say it's easy to navigate, and that the aquarium doesn't smell moist and dank like most aquariums do. Although, they don't have quite as many animals as a similarly sized zoo. they get a lot of business, but since it's sprawled out like it is, it isn't crowded. to avoid the only line, buy tickets online. If you've never been to point defiance, it's beautiful and green, so the zoo won't be the only pretty thing to look at! Remember, it's closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

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    Woodland Park Zoo


    They don't have some of the common staples, but they do have a lot of exotic and rare animals. The zoo has a similar layout and feel to Portland's Oregon Zoo, but with more indoor exhibits to escape Seattle's inevitable rain. this is arguably the most popular of the three, but you could also argue that it's because it's in a bigger city. There have been some concerns that the elephants in the zoo are not treated well, and there are groups boycotting them. Some people say that the exhibits smell and that a good portion of them are empty.

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