Someone's day has been ruined.

My big question is what do you do with all of this illegal marijuana? Do you burn it while equipping your officers with military-grade gas masks?

Oregon State Police found $500,000,000 worth of illegal marijuana in a recent drug bust.

This wasn't your run-of-the-mill basement bust, either. Authorities say they detained 100 people alleged to have been working in White City, Oregon operation, which included "5 industrial-sized warehouses zoned for commercial use." According to information released to the public, a good portion of these people were living at the operation, without running water. The Oregon State Police say these workers were subsequently released after being interviewed.

Oregon State Police on Facebook

While inspecting the premises, officers noted the total amount of illegal marijuana had to be around 500,000 pounds, or you know, half a million. Authorities estimate the street value has to be in the ballpark of half a billion dollars.

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This wild saga has only just begun, so you can speculate on the origins of this massive grow operation. We have no idea who's in charge and what the intentions were, but I'm sure the inventory wasn't going to stay in the warehouses.

Oregon State Police on Facebook

One of the more surprising revelations was that police only discovered one gun on the property in their two-day search, so maybe more will pop up as the investigation continues. My big question is what do you do with all of this illegal marijuana? Do you burn it while equipping your officers with military-grade gas masks while trying not to get half of southern Oregon high? You can't really confiscate all of this merchandise.

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