This Super Bowl commercial for the Toyota Camry was terrifying since it portrayed the psycho ex-girlfriend almost too perfectly.

The hot but crazy blonde in the clip runs into her ex while shopping and catches him up on her life in the space of a minute and it's enough to send anyone running and screaming.

Since they split, she's healed the sick, slept in an eagle's nest, and she once survived on nothing but coffee beans for two weeks.

We find out the couple dated in college. He dodged a bullet by breaking up with her and now drives a a sensible car.

Still, we've got to know. Who is this babe who makes crazy look good?

She's Jolie Jenkins and she's an actress. Anyone with a "Jolie" in their name is usually bangin'. Angelina, Jenaveve, etc., and Jenkins is no different.

Jenkins acts, but she also teaches acting, which is not surprising, since she is one of the most believable nutjobs we've ever enjoyed watching in a commercial.

Want to see more of her? You can! She has her own web series called 'Crazy Things I’ve Seen In Runyon Canyon.'

Jolie Jenkins

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