A few weeks ago, my wife asked me "Whats that?" I got depressed.

It's my iPod Video! This thing came out in 2005, making it 13 years old. It's old enough to watch the new Mission: Impossible movie.

It may be in 7th grade, but this thing has given me so many memories. Its battery still holds up well. The main reason I lug it around is because artists like Tool and Garth Brooks won't stream on Apple Music. Tool doesn't stream AT ALL! So all my Tool library I uploaded to my iTunes on my iPhone won't play.

The other nice thing is this thing doesn't need data to keep slinging the bangers when we are in the middle of the pass!

Good luck finding an iPod classic. After Apple discontinued it a few years ago, prices skyrocketed.

This thing was $80 used when I got it 6 years ago. I'm not a nuts and bolts kind of guy, but I was able to replace the faceplate. That took patience and steady hands.

Praise Steve Jobs for the iPod!

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