Most people know that in Washington State, car thefts have gone up dramatically since laws changed in July of 2021 according to State data. Recently there has been a large increase in catalytic converter theft, but now there is a new wave of crime in Washington. Older model trucks, especially Fords, are being stolen in surprising numbers.

The trucks that are being stolen are usually Ford F250, F350 and F450 trucks. Police say old Ford trucks are targeted because they are easier to steal and thieves use them to steal trailers and other items. They are recommending to keep your trucks locked, park in highly lit areas, and install extra locks to secure your truck. You can also get a smart alarm or use a steering wheel or tire lock.

One other hidden thing you can do is install a kill switch. It is a hidden switch installed in your truck that is installed between your ignition and your engine. When installed your engine will not turn on even with the key unless that switch is flipped on. Most thieves will not search for or find this, making it impossible for them to steal your truck.

One last tip would be to etch your VIN number onto each window. I know it sounds weird but hear me out. A thief might notice and wonder if you etched all the important parts of the truck that can then be identified by police as stolen. It might just make them pass your truck up for one that would be easier with less risk of getting caught.

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