Blue Friday is a Seattle Seahawks tradition created a couple years ago where all fans are supposed to wear their favorite Seahawks gear on Fridays to support the team. Originally it was for game day Fridays, but now it's EVERY Friday during the regular season. However, I celebrate Blue Friday all year long -- even during the off season. Here's why you should too:

I started doing it last off season to basically dampen the pain from losing in the playoffs. I was just too excited for the 2013 season to start so I wore my 'Hawks gear all year long. I haven't missed a Friday in almost 24 months. Anyone who goes to the club on Friday night knows I've been wearing my Seahawks jersey for years.

Since all last off season I celebrated Blue Friday WE WON THE SUPER BOWL. Any superstitious fan knows you don't change what's working. So there's a high probability I will continue Blue Friday every Friday for the rest of my life. The more the merrier! You should join me. If you're a huge Seahawks fan like me, let's celebrate every Friday and believe together we're going to the Super Bowl in 2014.

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