It's a favorite spot in the Tri-Cities. Whether you're in high school or retired, you know Jump Off Joe. But do you know why it's called Jump-Off Joe?

Apparently, throughout Washington and Oregon there are various places called Jump-Off Joe. From hills to mountains and creeks, it's a popular name.

Near Grants Pass, OR, there's a creek named Jump Off Joe Creek.

It's named Jump Off Joe after Joseph, the son of Dr. John McLoughlin (who the Pasco middle school is named after).

At age 29 he had an accident while on a trapping expedition. He fell near the creek, seriously injuring himself in the dark. He survived and but died later from the injuries at age 38. For years, the site was known as "The Jump off Where Joe Fell." It was then shortened to "Jump Off Joe."

Many believe anyone who knew that spot, and/or the story, began naming the highest "cliff" in their new home "Jump-Off Joe." It's possible that explains our very own Jump-Off Joe.

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