Stepping into the Kennewick Wal Mart, I couldn't help but notice a handy dandy fireworks display with all the trimmings.

I found that kind of odd, as fireworks are not legal in Kennewick.

And boy is the Kennewick PD facebook page blowing up about illegal fireworks being set off all over the city.

Earlier today, Kennewick police arrested a man setting off illegal fireworks near the Blue Bridge that started a couple of small fires along the river bank that KPD had to put out.

So why does Wal Mart get to sell fireworks?

Of course being it's Sunday, a Wal Mart worker pointed me to a supervisor who said the manager wasn't around, try back on Monday, and good luck getting a hold of anyone at the City or cop shop in any official capacity.

So we'll just be irresponsible keyboard warriors with a Facebook PhD trolling Wal Mart wondering where they get off selling fireworks in the Kennewick store, when they are bloody illegal in Kennewick! Any ideas, probable or not, we'd love some input and/or clarification.

We will try and follow up, but no promises....we want a holiday in the middle of the week too, you know.

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