A week ago the Kansas City Chief fans at Arrowhead stadium reclaimed the world record for the "loudest crowd roar" but do they really deserve it? If they got the record fair and square then good for them, but there are some circumstances that make me pause before giving them the credit.

The very first picture I saw after the announcement was this tweet showing the cheerleaders screaming in a circle around the microphone maybe one foot away. Also look at the fans right behind the cheerleaders; they are sitting down and most are not even cheering!

The second thing that makes me pause is the fact they use the stadium for a cue for the crowd to all scream at once. I was at both record-setting games in Seattle and the reader boards never did anything different than any regular game. They never stopped everything and said, "Now everyone scream to break the record," which is what some people are saying happened in KC. That is also cheating in my book.

The third thing that makes me pause is the huge jump in the reading to 142 db. Most people don't know that it takes twice as much sound pressure to increase a db rating by 6 db -- that was pointed out by a fan named Al on their feed.

Given how sound is measured on a logrhythmic scale, I find the recent results a bit skeptical. A difference of 6 dB in acoustics is double the sound 'pressure.' So KC was nearly twice as loud yesterday as they were last year when they attempted to set a world record? I would like to know who verified this result, and an explanation as to why the conditions of yesterday produced such a large difference in the resulting measurement. This measurement needs to be able to be duplicated or at least come close to being duplicated to establish legitimacy."

That means, in order for KC to reach 142 db, the crowd must be twice as loud as it was last year when they set the original 137 db record. Doubtful at best, if not impossible.

My gut tells me this record is B.S. -- but what do I know?