There was a time just a couple years ago when Lady Gaga seemed like teh queen of the world. She could do no wrong. No matter how strange she was, no matter what she wore, the sky was the limit. She could be as weird as she wanted and people ate it up left and right. Then came "the egg" award show.

It was the Grammy's a few years ago. She was carried in inside an egg. She "hatched" onstage with weird facial appliances. She was trying to say she was "Born This Way;" that's how she was made.

That was her big mistake. Because she was obviously trying to be something she's not when her entire message is about being who you are.

Her fans revolted. The rest is history.

Before that incident you could play ANY Lady Gaga song in the dance floor and it would pack the dance floor. After that incident, ANY song will CLEAR the dance floor -- and still does.

Moral of the story: stay true to what you are and people will love you. Be something you're not, and people will see through it.

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