Rumors aren't quite rumors, Washington schools will require your kids to wear masks in order to keep down the spread of Covid-19. Whether we love or hate them it'll be the safest thing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated kids.

We know most children are not at high risk for Covid-19, however people around them may be. It's a hard decision for some to send their kids back to school for both reasons, the scare of contracting Covid-19 or keeping their kids in a mask. Whether you agree or not it's not up to the schools of Yakima.

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Kid's will be required all across Washington State after Governor Inslee confirmed children and adults, vaccinated or not would have to continue wearing a mask while around others. This comes not only from the recent CDC update but other officials suggesting this will be the safest way to keep schools open. Some people are concerned that we may be facing another lockdown in the near future if Covid-19 continues to see spikes.

This shouldn't be of any surprise to anyone after other announcements for people vaccinated or non vaccinated should continue to wear masks indoors and in public places. With recent spikes, the CDC is doing everything it can to inspire others to be safe. Other simple ways to stay safe is the same as it was before, social distancing, washing your hands and, wearing your mask.

One last thing to note is if you don't want your kid to wear a mask the schools and state are just doing what they will help keep your kiddo safe. Tho the masks may be a pain in the butt they could be something that truly helps us get past this virus.


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