Electric cars appeared to be a fad before Elon Musk's Tesla Motors made them reliable and sexy. With 50,000 sold already, Tesla cars are becoming the go-to sports car for hip, tech-savvy drivers. Right now there are no "supercharge" stations between Boise and The Dalles, so Wildhorse Resort and Casino is getting one.

In just 30 minutes the super charger can get the Tesla vehicle to the next charging station in The Dalles, or in less than 90 minutes will fully recharge.

Wildhorse and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are hoping travelers who can afford a Tesla (high-end, luxury vehicle) will enjoy the casino, golf course, museum and movie theater.

The super charger only works for Teslas, but there are other electric car charging stations in the RV park.

[SOURCE: East Oregonian]