Join AJ and 97 Rock at Jack-Sons for the final game of Week 3 as Oakland heads to Denver to try and derail that impressive mile high offense. No matter which team wins, if they score enough combined points someone is winning a bunch of cash!

Each week at our Monday Night Football party at Jack-Sons in Richland we try to give away $100, but it all depends on how many points are scored in the game. If the teams do not score enough points combined or the selected winner isn't present at the end of the game, then the $100 rolls over to the next week.

Since we were unable to pass out the cash in Weeks 1 and 2, you now have a chance at taking home $300 tonight!

Here is how it works:
- When you show up to Jack-Sons for the game, be sure to find AJ and he will help you get your name on the 97 Rock Freeboard. It's the classic football squares game and anyone 18 and over is allowed to throw their name on it.
- On Monday morning, or at least before kickoff, we take a look at the Las Vegas betting lines and see what the over/under score for Monday's game is. We then add 2 points to the total combined score and that becomes the mark to activate the freeboard.
- If that mark is hit or exceeded, we give out the money. If the two teams do not score enough points to activate the freeboard, we roll that week's money over to the next week.

Last year we had numerous weeks where we passed out more than $100. We even had a multiple winner as Jordan Knight, pictured above, was lucky enough to win TWO different weeks! Come take your shot at the cash and enjoy some great food and drinks!

We will see you tonight at Jack-Sons. Be sure to get there early to get a table or call ahead and reserve a table for your group. Kickoff is at 5:30pm!

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