No guarantees, but I'm thinking this might be the first time anyone in Louisiana has been attacked by a camel. I've been chased by a hoodoo down there, in Bayou Country, but a camel has got to be new ground we're breaking here.

A woman in Gross Tete, Louisiana, chased her loose dog into a petting zoo enclosure at a truck stop. Inside the pen,she was attacked and sat on by a CAMEL, 600-pound Casper the Camel. She only survived by biting his TESTICLES to get him off of her. She wound up having to go to the hospital but not before getting a ticket for trespassing AND not having her dog on a leash. Ouch.

Don't feel bad for the camel, the woman did not have a full set of teeth so she more or less, gummed her way to freedom. Would it surprise you the woman with the challenged grill is from Florida? No?

The truck stop, about 17 miles west of Baton Rouge, for many years kept a tiger in a separate enclosure, and was the subject of some controversy over its ownership of the endangered big cat. Several attempts to pass legislation to force the truck stop to sell the tiger failed, and the tiger remained there until it died in 2018.

In addition to Casper the Camel, the truck stop also has a kangaroo, a miniature horse, and a raccoon relative known as a coati, which is native to Central and South America.

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