You’d think a big-breasted woman who likes showing off her ass (ets) would have absolutely no problem gaining access to the hottest clubs in town. Sweet talk the bouncers, show a lot of skin and be granted quick entry? Uh, not so fast, especially in the town of Worcester, West Midlands in England.

Lisa Woodman, a 28-year-old mother of four with a decent bod and a surgically enhanced chest that measures 36DD, has been turned away from every club in her hometown, due to her attire. She certainly rocks the pornstar look, with bleached blond hair, low-cut, laced tops, where her lady lumps are popping out for all the world (and bouncers) to see, short skirts and knee-high ‘hump me’ boots. The club’s owners stated they have standards, for God’s sake, and cop to “responsible door policies.” They think Woodman isn’t adhering to their “smart casual” dress code with her attire.

Still, Woodman is a medical secretary by day and a hot honey by night and she doesn’t understand why she is being discriminated against. She told The Daily Mail that doormen at Mode told her she was “too old to wear that get-up” and promptly denied her entry on New Year’s Eve. Two other nightclubs, dubbed Tramps and Velvet, have also slammed their doors in her face. All three of the establishments are owned by the same company and they are enforcing the ban until she cleans up her act and dresses more modestly.

If you’re getting turned away from a club called Tramps, you might want to reconsider your attire. Let’s hope her town at least has an Applebees because a girl still has to have fun amma right?!?

[Via AU Yahoo News]