O Canada.

A Canadian woman recently discovered a rare vintage Rolex watch between the cushions of a couch she bought at a thrift store for $25.

The watch is worth at least $250,000 and upon finding out about her good fortune, she said her immediate plans for the money were to, and I quote, "buy a house and get a boob job."

Canadian priorities, people.

The timepiece is a vintage Rolex Daytona 6241 "Paul Newman" variant.  Only around 3,000 of them were made back in the late '60s, and they're some of the hardest watches to find for sale anywhere. The Paul Newman variants of vintage Daytonas are legendary for their "exotic dial" design.

Paul Newman’s very own Daytona set the mark for the most expensive watch ever sold at auction in 2017, for $15.5 million.

In the collectibles world, rarity and market popularity are the first and second attributes to look for when dealing with vintage timepieces—and the Paul Newman Daytona 6241 is a grand slam on both of those fronts, like the fronts of the woman about to be augmented.

Good day, that's a beauty of a new rack you got there, 'eh?

Somehow, I'm reminded of Christopher Walken and the gold watch scene from Pulp Fiction. Let us relive that here, shall we?

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