My wife and I are two different people when it comes to parking lots.

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

Where Are The Worst Parking Lots In The Tri-Cities?

My wife will circle the parking lot looking for the closest spot to the door and I'm willing to park and walk from further away than the front door.

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We do agree on one thing and that's there are a few parking lots in the Tri-Cities we both like to avoid if possible. You'd think the Tri-Cities Airport would make our list but I was surprised that it didn't.

A very full parking area. All copyright material removed.

Parking Lots Can Get Packed During Certain Times Of The Days In The Tri-Cities

I'm sure you're the same way. I'm sure there are a few parking lots in the Tri-Cities that can frustrate even the best drivers. We've compiled 15 of those Tri-Cities parking lots that drive us bonkers and I'm curious to see if you agree or disagree with our list.

Nicole Riley
Nicole Riley

Here Are The Top 15 Parking Lots In Tri-Cities Washington To Avoid

There are some obvious lots like the Toyota Center in Kennewick or Costco in Kennewick but a few of our picks will surprise you. We asked you on Facebook which were the worst of the worse Tri-Cities parking lots and here's what you had to say about it

15 Hard To Navigate Tri-Cities Parking Lots

No one likes to navigate a parking lot, especially these 15 parking lots in the Tri-Cities that drive us nuts.

I'm sure there are a few on the list we missed so feel free to add them to our list. I guess the good news is the next time you're in one of these Tri-Cities wicked parking lots, take a deep breath and know that'll soon be over it once you get out of the lot.

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