The actor for one of the most popular TV characters in the world was berated by staff of the Showmasters Comic-Con in London and fans are furious.

Joseph Quinn, the actor that plays Eddie Munson in the show, was scheduled for a meet & greet July 8-10th at the Comic-Con in London. His meet & greet specifically was sold out because of his popularity in the last season of Stranger Things that just finished a weeks ago. Not only where there tons of people but they all paid between £45 to £125 to meet him so Joseph was spending time with everyone making sure they all got their moneys worth.

That made staff of the show irate and according to reports started yelling at him to hurry up. There were multiple posts complaining about how staff acted in the situation.


Even though fans were very upset at the staff, they all had nothing but warm and wonderful things to say about their experience with the actor.

After the incident, a fan posted a video of the actor getting emotional as the fan thanked him for all he did for the fans even though the event staff was rude to him. She states in the video “I’m sure a lot of us have heard what happened yesterday — whether it’s true or not — about how you were treated. I won’t comment on it, But I just wanted to say thank you from all of us, we’re really grateful that you’re sharing your time.”

I bet Joseph had no idea that when he arrived at the comic con, he would be treated worse by the con staff then by the evil hell bats that kill his character in the finale. Hopefully he will be treated better if he visits Portland in September at the Rose City Comic Con or any of the other events in the Northwest. Keep rockin Eddie, come visit the Northwest. We love what your doing!


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