You've got a long flight. It's late. You're exhausted. Finally, after waiting in line to get through TSA, and sitting at the gate for lord knows how long, you board your flight. You stow your bag, get in your seat, and notice the kids sitting behind you. You hope they'll be chill for the whole flight (as their parents probably do to), but that unfortunately is not the case. They kick your seat for most of the flight, they're loud, they cry, and by the time you've reached your destination, you're losing your mind! If only there was a kid-free zone on the plane!

Well, your dreams pay come true soon. Several airlines are toying around with Kid-Free Zones, or ways to make flying better for kids and adults. Some are trying on-flight nannies, others kid-free areas altogether. Now, most of these areas are not standard on flights yet, as they are being tested out, but would you like to fly in a kid-free area of a plane? If you're a parent, would you like to have kid-friendly zones so you don't feel so bad when your baby cries (because let's face it, it's HARD to travel with kids!). Take the poll and let's see if kid-free zones are something we'd like to have happen!

PS, Not all kids on flights are horrible, but the kid that was literally kicking my seat the enitre time on my last flight (while sitting next to his parent who did nothing), yeah, that kid was horrible. LOL!

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