The West Richland Police Department is hoping you'll help them in raising money for the community.

Once again, they've partnered with the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties for another No-Shave Campaign.

Due to Covid-19, this year has been especially hard for people needing health care.

Thus, the Department is asking you to-Support the Scruff...

From October 1 through December 15, officers who want to throw away their razors, are doing so to help fundraise for United Way of Benton & Franklin County's COVID-19 health recovery... and they're asking their community to join them!

The West Richland Officers Association is kicking off the campaign with a donation of $500. Help us reach our goal of $2,000, which could provide one year of shelter for a local homeless youth and one year of mental health mentoring for 10 at-risk students.

According to the WRPD Facebook page, donations made during the No-Shave Campaign will be used for healthcare needs.

Your contributions will help people in Benton and Franklin Counties:

Preventing complications in uninsured diabetics

Mental health access for the uninsured

General health services for uninsured workers

Horse riding therapy for children with developmental disabilities

Provisions of service dogs to local veterans

You can learn more about the United Way of Benton and Franklin Counties, here.

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