They need to do more videos like this because it made my day!

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credit X WSDOT East
credit X WSDOT East

Washington Department of Transportation Spoofs Famous Car Viral Video

You have probably seen the original video of a tall blond whispering the names of cars while she shoots short closeup clips or herself tapping or clicking her nails. I have even seen a few spoofs of this now-viral video, but the Washington State Department of Transportation East division might have made the best one yet. The video was posted on their X (formally Twitter) account and starts with the now famous clip of a woman whispering Bently as she stands next to the supercar and nicks the hood ornament with her nails. Immediately after, a WSDOT plow driver takes his hand, smacks the front of the truck plow, and says "Plow". The video cuts to the blond woman again, who clicks her nails as she runs her hand down the grill and wheels of the supercar. Of course, the WSDOT driver does the same but on his lovely huge truck. The clips go on throughout the video with the driver obviously trying to be less sexy than the original and keeping a straight face through the entire collection. The set of clips near the end where both are caressing the wheel almost made me spit out my lunch I laughed so hard. I hope they film a sequel with a sand truck or a grader soon! I will be waiting patiently until they do! Check out the entire hilarious video posted below.

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