WSP Troopers say a Commercial Motor Vehicle Officer is being treated for possible fentanyl exposure after contacting a woman who appeared to be passed out behind the wheel on Tuesday night at the intersection of US 395 and 27th Avenue in Kennewick.

The officer with Washington State Patrol noticed a dark-colored Volkswagen that was on the side of the highway and upon approaching the car, the officer noticed a woman passed out behind the wheel.

The officer also observed what appeared to be tin foil and drug paraphernalia near the driver.

kepr action news
kepr action news

A short time later, the officer managed to start talking with the woman, but when she rolled down her window the officer was possibly exposed to fentanyl.

Another trooper arriving on scene said that the officers health appeared to be deteriorating rapidly with an alarming increase in heartbeat and high blood pressure.

Medics were called to the scene and took the officer to the hospital for treatment.

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Troopers say they are confiscating the vehicle and applying for a search warrant to search the contents of the car. The woman was not arrested as she was not driving the car at the time of the contact.

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