Plane Justice in Washington State

You may not even see it, but Washington State Patrol was using an eye in the sky to sting speeders today.


Washington State Patrol Using Plane to Patrol I-90

Speeders got a surprise today on I-90 near Ellensburg, Washington when they were stopped after being spotted by the department's patrol plane.

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Officers were up in an airplane way above the highway with special monitoring equipment that lets them spot and find speeders without laser or radar. The section of the Washington State Patrol that provides aircraft speed patrols is Washington State Patrol Aviation.

credit Twitter @wspd6pio
credit Twitter @wspd6pio

I-90 Area Warns of Aircraft Speed Patrols with Signs

The system uses cameras to judge the speed of cars and trucks on the highway without using laser or radar, like regular on-the-ground patrol cars. That makes it hard for speeders with radar detectors or blockers to see and avoid them.

The plane works with WSP on the ground to pull over the speeders farther down the road. The area that they patrol does have signs warning of the aircraft speed patrols, however, I think most people ignore them. The plane is flying high enough not to be noticed by regular drivers on the road.

credit Twitter @wspd6pio
credit Twitter @wspd6pio

Washington State Patrol Thanks WSP Aviation

Washington State Patrol uses the aircraft for speed patrols, but also many other department needs like stolen property or missing persons. The tweet below describes how Washington State Patrol used the plane to follow a strong LOJACK signal, allowing police to find the stolen car and thief.

Next time you feel like tearing up the pavement on I-90, remember that eyes in the sky might make you pay big for it farther up the Washington State highway.

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