Legend has it WSU was No. 1 on "Playboy" magazine's very first "Top Party Schools in America" list. Turns out, that's a flat out lie (and one easy to check, by the way). But it was No. 16 on the magazine's unscientific 2009 list. This week many in Eastern Washington are noting Wazzu did not make the cut in the scientific 2014 Princeton Review list of "Best Party Schools."

I'm sure some administrators are happy about that, but being a party school isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Penn State is proud of its perennial status as party school -- ditto with Florida State.

Knowing how to party doesn't necessarily mean you don't know how to study!

I was in a fraternity at WSU for three years in the 1980s. Starting with my very first day everything was about the drinking. Our social lives were centered around it. I did end up dropping out -- not because of drinking but because I wanted to go into radio and the only classes I had left for my degree were about TV. That, and I was tired of standing in lines. You stood in lines to pee, to shower, to eat, to sign up for classes, to pay for classes.

I benefited from my time at WSU and they churn out many talented professionals. The Princeton Review named Syracuse University as the top party school and they have one of the finest journalism programs in the nation. Many of the top news TV personalities you see came from there.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Boo!" Wazzu students, you're not living up to the reputation we built for you!


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