Gang violence that escalated this weekend in Yakima with two different shootings and a drive-by were probably gang related police say. The first shooting happened Saturday afternoon in the parking lot near 1st street in Yakima. 26-year-old Andres Garcia Mesa was shot dead allegedly by 25-year-old Gonzalo Amaya who will be facing first degree murder charges according to news reports.

Then on Sunday, Yakima Sheriffs got calls of shots being fired in the area of Burr Street in Buena. Multiple buildings were struck by bullets and over 30 shell casings were found on the street. The shell casings were both from a pistol and an assault rifle. Witnesses say that the shots were fired out of a dark GMC or Chevy truck and that they had no idea why they were shot at.

The third event and second shooting happened Sunday afternoon on South 17th Avenue in Yakima. Reports say a group of men were shot at and one died after being taken to a local hospital. The man that died was 19-year-old Antonio Esteban-Olguin of Yakima. There have been no arrests in this shooting and no names have been released of the people that were involved